Online training

FWB system training (Xetra/Börse Frankfurt)

The system training provides a basic understanding of the functionality of how the two trading venues of Frankfurter Wertpapierbörse (FWB®, the Frankfurt Stock Exchange) work. The knowledge is deepened with practical exercises designed in the T7® trading architecture simulation environment and details of the rules and regulations.

The training consists of individual modules. The final test (quiz) is activated when all modules have been finished.

The completed system training serves as proof of the required practical experience for admission as an exchange trader at the Frankfurt Stock Exchange. Professional knowledge is verified via the FWB Trader Examination. Which further proofs are accepted for admission is regulated in section 3 of the Admission Regulations for Exchange Traders. 


  • Introduction
  • Xetra – Continous trading
    • Xetra- Volatility interruption
    • Xetra - Orders
    • Börse Frankfurt - Continuous auction
    • Matching rules
    • FWB rules and regulations
      • Quiz

      Duration and availability

      The time to complete the training is about three hours. The training can be interrupted at any time. The learning status of the individual modules is saved, and the training is continued at the same point after an interruption. After booking, the system training is available for ten weeks. Upon completion, you can download a certificate. 

      Target group

      The FWB system training is aimed at persons who need proof of practical experience for admission as an exchange trader or who are interested in the functioning of exchange trading on the cash market.


      If you are in the exchange trader admission process, please book the training via the online admission service "Electronic Exchange Admission Service (eXas)" in the member section


      € 310.00 (€368.90 incl. VAT)