Certificate course

Certified IT Specialist Trading and Clearing

For its 7 Market Technology® series, Deutsche Börse Group offers various interfaces – to the trading architectures T7® (cash and derivatives markets) and F7® (Eurex Repo® markets), as well as to the C7® clearing technology. Market participants and clearing members can choose the best-fitting interface to integrate trading functionalities as well as market and reference data in their internal IT architecture. To ensure smooth implementation, a comprehensive understanding of the different interfaces and processes is crucial – inhouse as well as for consultants and software developers – for the initial interfacing and migration during operation.


In this four-day course, participants can enhance their technological skills. The combination of business, process and IT aspects allows the participants to gather varied expertise. The respective knowledge is taught by experts from Deutsche Börse Group.


Functional basics

Overview of the process chain

  • Trading – clearing – settlement

Market participants

  • Trading participants
  • Clearing members
  • Settlement institutions

Access to infrastructure

Technical trading and clearing infrastructure

  • Technical and operational onboarding
  • Connectivity
  • Overview of IT interfaces
  • External services

Change processes: release and project introductions

  • Inside-out: Deutsche Börse Group -> Client
  • Outside-in: Client or regulator -> Deutsche Börse Group

® trading IT

Reference data

  • Reference Data Interface (RDI)
  • Reference data files

Market data interfaces

  • Un-netted broadcast: Enhanced Market Data Interface (EMDI)
  • Netted broadcast: Market Data Interface (MDI)
  • Order-by-order (un-netted): Enhanced Order Book Interface (EOBI)
  • Extended Market Data Service (EMDS)

T7 GUI: overview of graphical user interfaces (GUIs)

  • Trader GUI
  • Admin GUI
  • Clearer GUI

Trading interfaces

  • Enhanced Transaction Interface (ETI)
  • FIX gateway

Cloud simulation

  • Access to a protected instance of the T7 architecture

® Eurex Repo IT
  • Overview Eurex Repo F7 GUI
  • Access to market and reference data as well as to trading functionalities with F7 API

  • 7 Market Technology®
  • Common Report Engine (CRE)
  • Change dynamics in the trading system
  • Consolidated Exchange Feed (CEF®)
  • Market Data + Services

Clearing and risk IT

C7® clearing IT

  • Communication via FIXML
  • Advanced Message Queuing Protocol: everybody likes “queues”
  • Public vs private broadcasts?
  • Live streams
  • ACK and NACK
  • Enhanced Risk Interface

Securities CCP of Eurex Clearing

  • Member Settlement Instruction File (MSIF)
  • Reports: securities clearing, repo and securities lending

EurexOTC Clear

  • FpML vs FIXML
  • Use of FpML
  • Interest rate swaps: product definition
  • Functions of EurexOTC Clear
    • OTC interest rate swaps: clearing product offering and trade workflow
    • Messaging
    • Post-trading
    • Reporting
    • FpML Margin Calculator
  • Examination

    Upon successful completion of the exam, participants will receive a certificate from Deutsche Börse AG’s Capital Markets Academy. The exam consists of 100 multiple-choice questions, to be answered on the computer. Participants have 1.5 hours to do the exam. Detailed information can be found in the examination regulations available below.

    Target group

    The course is dedicated to business analysts, project managers and consultants specialised in trading and clearing systems. In addition, it is aimed at employees who manage trading systems, develop interfaces to trading systems or to the clearing house, or who conduct product and process tests.


    Participants should have basic knowledge of trading of securities and derivatives. In case of no prior knowledge, we are happy to advise you about the courses provided by the Capital Markets Academy, which will prepare you in an optimal way.


    The course is held either in English or in German. Please find concrete information in the right column under "Dates". Teaching material and additional documentation will be provided in English.

    The exam is held either in German or English.

Your trainer

Ann-Kathrin Schleicher

Ann-Kathrin Schleicher has been a trainer at the Capital Markets Academy for over 15 years and is a member of the Examination Commissions of Eurex Deutschland and Frankfurter Wertpapierbörse (FWB,


Anselm Jumpertz

Clearing and Risk IT, Eurex Clearing AG


Patrick Teghom Kamga

Clearing and Risk IT, Eurex Clearing AG


Stefan Krause

Client Service, Trading & Clearing and Cash Market, Deutsche Börse AG


Boris Javorina

Securities Clearing Functionality, Eurex Clearing AG


Vikram Opal

Trading System Analytics, Deutsche Börse AG


Dita Asiedu-Grob

Customer Technical Support, Deutsche Börse AG


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