Eurex Trader Examination

The successful passing of the Eurex trader Examination will certify the expertise necessary for the admission as an exchange trader at Eurex Deutschland. In addition, proof of practical experience is required for admission.

A proof of the required practical experience is the Eurex online system training. For further details on proof of professional qualification for admission as a Eurex trader, please refer to section 3 of the admission regulations for exchange traders.

Covid-19 exemption

Due to the current conditions caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, it is unfortunately not possible for us to offer trader examinations in our offices. In justified exceptional cases, e.g. the admission of a new trader that is absolutely necessary for business continuity of the Exchange participant, exchange trader examinations may be conducted at the trading participant’s premises under the supervision of a compliance officer, a managing director or delegated manager without responsibility for trading. The general COVID-19 lockdown does not represent a justified exceptional case.

Covid-19: Inhouse-Trader Exam Eurex and FWB - General Information [PDF]

Covid-19: Inhouse-Trader Exam Eurex and FWB - Approval Form [PDF]

Examination conditions

The exam consists of 35 questions regarding the "Rules and Regulations" of Eurex Deutschland and functional aspects of trading. The exam lasts 20 minutes and can be taken at any exam location in German or English. To pass, 75 per cent of the maximum score must be achieved.

The conduct of the examination and the withdrawal modalities are regulated in the admission regulations.

Exam preparation

The question catalogue containing all exam questions is publicly available. This material is sufficient for preparation. Further information and additional brochures about Eurex can be found on the Eurex website.

In addition, an exam simulation can be booked.

Conditions for participation

Only persons who are officially in the process of admission as exchange traders may take part in this examination. This means that candidates must work for a company that is an exchange participant at Eurex and an application for admission as an exchange trader must already have been submitted for the candidate in the online admission service.

If these requirements are not met, knowledge of derivatives trading, the functioning of an exchange and investment and hedging strategies can be obtained by participating in the certificate course Certified Derivatives Trader and passing the respective exam.


Registration for this exam is only possible via the Electronic Exchange Admission Service (eXas). Depending on the access authorisation, registration is either direct or via the in-house admissions administrator.