Certificate course

Certified Derivatives Trader

The course focuses on the functioning of derivatives markets in both exchange-traded and over-the-counter derivatives as well as the respective financial instruments. Participants will learn how to analyse and value derivatives. From their market assessment, they will be able to derive hedging, trading and arbitrage strategies and use them in a portfolio context.


    Overview of derivatives market
  • Basics of derivatives
  • Underlying markets and market participants
  • Link of cash and derivatives markets

    Forwards, swaps and futures
  • Analysis and valuation
  • Cost-of-carry and basis
  • Hedging, trading and arbitrage strategies

  • Basic positions in options trading
  • Analysis and valuation: Put/call parity
  • Time value and intrinsic value
  • Sensitivities – the so-called ‘Greeks’
  • Hedging, trading and arbitrage strategies

    Portfolio management
  • Basics of portfolio theory
  • Risk management and hedging
  • Strategic and tactical allocation

    Regulatory framework
  • EU regulation
  • Regulation in the UK and the US

    Eurex Deutschland
  • Exchange organization and supervision
  • Eurex® rules and market model

  • Clearing system and clearing houses
  • Collateral/margining

Your trainer

Stefan Toetzke


Vincent Couson


Walter Brägger