SDG strategy

ESG compliance for your investment process

With this Masterclass, the Capital Markets Academy together with Panthera Solutions offers a unique combination of qualification and consulting - as an in-house event specifically tailored to your needs. During the four-day workshop, the first step is to raise awareness of ESG - Environmental, Social, Governance - and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) of the United Nations. Subsequently, your status quo of the investment process will be analysed in order to derive an SDG strategy and concrete recommendations for your investment process. These are tested in a simulation on the last day. At the end, individual learning paths are formulated for each participant and an implementation plan is drawn up. This is subsequently implemented through individual coaching.

Sustainability aspects and ESG criteria already play a major role for many institutional investors. In addition, financial market participants, e.g. institutional investors and financial advisors, must comply with EU Regulation 2019/2088 (SFDR Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation) from March 2021. The purpose of the regulation is to standardize national transparency requirements on sustainability aspects in the investment decision, investment advisory and insurance advisory process. It translates the climate-focused taxonomy into concrete action routines for professional investors on how to measure the SDG efficiency of an investment decision.

Target group

The Masterclass is aimed at institutional investors, asset owners and asset managers who want to integrate ESG factors or sustainability as a decision criterion in their investment processes and decision guidelines. 


The Masterclass is offered jointly by Panthera Solutions and Deutsche Börse AG.


Module 1: Introduction

  • Introduction to SDG Compliance
  • Introduction to the third generation of asset allocation
  • Impact-oriented investment and causality analyses

Module 2: Behavioural considerations

  • Individual skills and motives
  • Team configuration
  • Decision Architecture

Module 3: Investment process

  • Your expectations, philosophy and principles 
  • Your investment strategy: process and ambitions
  • Your regulatory considerations

Module 4: Asset Allocation and Narrative Reporting

  • Your asset allocation in the global capital stock
  • Assessment of your data, IT, legal, decision-making and team configurations
  • Reporting structures

Module 5: Investment Playbook

  • Adaptation of expectations, philosophy and principles as well as process and strategy
  • Impact on data, IT, legal, decision and team configurations and reporting

Module 6: Your SDG strategy

  • SDG strategy development
  • Setting up individual learning paths

Module 7: Simulation

  • Test of the new SDG strategies with all participants in a simulation 

Module 8: Reflection and Planning

  • Adaptation to the SDG strategy and individual learning paths
  • Implementation planning and internal responsibilities


The goal of the Masterclass is to translate the new regulatory requirements into a long-term competitive advantage: At the end of the process, the company and the participants will be able to use the developed strategy to realign the value creation in the investment process with a fiduciary approach.

Together with the trainers, the participants define their individual learning paths to achieve their learning objectives. The focus is on working on concrete cases from their own practice. In this way, the participants learn to change their behaviour on a personal and organisational level.

Following the workshop, the three-month individual telephone coaching by Panthera supports the individual participant in applying and refining their acquired knowledge and skills in everyday professional practice. If desired, each participant can gain a one- or two-day direct insight into best practices at selected Panthera partners from suitable areas within the framework of the so-called "Apprenticeship pro". This takes into account the special needs of the participants in their respective individual learning path.


Please contact us directly: or +49 69 211 15469.

Your trainer

Dr. Markus Schuller

Markus Schuller is Managing Director of Panthera Solutions and has more than 15 years of experience in trading as well as in structuring and managing investment products, among others with a hedge