Shrinking Big Data

The vast proliferation of data and increasing technological advances continue to transform the way industries operate and compete. Financial companies, in particular, have adopted big data analytics to gain further insights on their environment and eventually make better investment decisions.

This seminar introduces common big data tools and show how to use them in order to handle big datasets.


Best Practices

  • What is Big Data
  • Big Data versus small data : the curse of dimensionality
  • Mummy, I shrank a big model
  • Principal Component Analysis and Partial Correlations in Networks
  • Text Mining : shrinking speeches

Deliberate Practice

  • Participants will learn how to properly use and analyze Big Data.

Lessons Learned and Next Steps


    The Training Sprint is a live online class of 3 hours (10-13 CET) using Zoom. This course is CPD accredited for 3 credits.

    Target Group

    CIOs, investment committee members, fund managers, risk and performance analysts, quants


    This Training Sprint will be offered by Panthera Solutions, a cooperation partner of the Capital Markets Academy. Registration, processing and payment are handled directly through Panthera Solutions. Standard payment method is PayPal. If this is not suitable for you, please contact Panthera Solutions directly here.

    Ihre Referenten

    Prof. Dr. Gregory Gadzinski

    Prof. Dr. Gregory Gadzinski verfügt über 12 Jahre akademische Erfahrung als Finanzprofessor an der Int. Universität von Monaco. Er publiziert unter anderem über Risikomessungen,