Introduction to Green Bond Structuring

Green Bonds enable capital-raising and investment for new and existing projects with environmental benefits. Green Bonds are structured to adhere to the Green Bond Principles’ four core components. A simple like for like concept, providing more visibility than non-Green bonds. Learn how a Green Bond is structured, how to ensure Transparency pre and post issue, how to diversify your Investor base.


Best Practices

  • Due Diligence to ensure the bond is in line with the Green Bond Framework. Internal alignment among key players.
  • Issuer’s Impact Reporting Commitment and ability to provide harmonized Impact Data pre issuance and when reporting Sources and Uses post issuance.
  • Diversify the Investor Base by better understanding what Green Bond Investors want in term’s of selling restrictions, terms, structure, Impact, reporting practices, purpose (e.g. Sustainable Development Goals) etc.

Deliberate Practice

  • Participants will reflect on their own Green Bond Structuring, Due Diligence and Impact Data Analysis and explore how to optimize Impact and Return and minimize Risk.

Lessons Learned and Next Steps


    The Training Sprint is a live online class of 3 hours (16-19 CET) using Zoom. This course is CPD accredited for 3 credits.

    Target Group

    Issuers’ CEO, CFO, CSO, Legal & Compliance, Treasury, Sustainability departments, etc.


    This Training Sprint will be offered by Panthera Solutions, a cooperation partner of the Capital Markets Academy. Registration, processing and payment are handled directly through Panthera Solutions. Standard payment method is PayPal. If this is not suitable for you, please contact Panthera Solutions directly here.

    Ihre Referenten

    Jonas Englund

    Jonas Englund is a green finance specialist at Panthera Solutions. He has 25+ years of experience across Investment Banking, Trading & Capital Markets and Treasury. He is also an advisory board